About Me

My name is Judy Bukowski. My passion for photography began as a young mother. I wanted to preserve my family memories, but had a desire to help others preserve their memories as well. 

My photography journey began nine years ago and has been an amazing one. I've studied under some of the worlds greatest photographers and have won many awards, both nationally and internationally. I am a member of PPA, INPPA, TPPA and PPOK. I am dedicated to the art of photography and I accept nothing less then excellence from myself. 

Through dedication and perseverance, I am able to share my passion with you.


Some of my achievements thus far : 

International Print Competition 


4 Merits, One image loaned 


3 Merits one receiving higher then an 85 

Southwest Print competition  


2 Print Merits, one higher then 85 


2 Print Merits, One higher then 85 


3 Merits, One higher then 85 


Awards awarded in 2017 

 Judges choice award
Judges Choice Award
Child's portrait Honorable Mention
Group portrait trophy
Classic Portrait Honorable Mention
Classic Portrait Trophy
First time entry Distinguished
First time entry Distinguished
First time entry Distinguished
First time entry Trophy
First time entry high case Nelson Helt Scholarship


First place Group Portrait-General Exhibit 

First Place Unclassified-General Exhibit 

Honorable Mention- Unclassified General Exhibit 

First Place Child Portrait-General Exhibit 


Judges Choice-General Adult Portrait 

Distinguished Adult Portrait -General Exhibit 

Contact Me

218 N 4th 

Stroud, OK 74079 



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