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The Santa Event 

This is much more than a portrait session. 

This is an event so magical and nostalgic that it even brings

the parents back to their inner childhood.

Your child's experience will start when they 

receive a personalized invitation 

 to come and help Santa with some last minute tasks. 

They will spend 30 unbelievable minutes with Santa. 

Your child will arrive at Santa's workshop.  

They will get to help Santa with all his last minute tasks, building toys, reading stories,  mapping his route on his globe, checking the naughty, and nice list and finally the children will enjoy milk and cookies with Santa!
They will then receive a special gift from Santa and a magical hug goodbye.

After their visit, they will have the opportunity to enjoy cookies and hot chocolate with some of Santa's elves while making a homemade ornament to take home. 

This session is sure to be an experience your child will cherish forever!

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Judy Bukowski 

218 N. 4th Ave. 

Stroud, OK 74079